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James Bennett, RPh is a certified Diabetic Educator on staff with the PPDC program at Lifescan.  He has an active Disease Management program in Diabetes at the Pharmacy.  There are numerous ways that a Diabetic Educator can help with management of diabetes.  Monitoring blood glucose levels in cooperation with the physician, helping with diet, and providing the most up to date information available are merely a few of the benefits.  If you would like more help with diabetes, Mr. Bennett can monitor your diabetes (in cooperation with your doctor) on a weekly basis for a monthly fee of $30.00.  You can cancel at any time, and your money will be  refunded if you are not satisfied.  Dramatic improvements are always seen with patients in our diabetic program.  Don't delay improvements in your quality of life any longer.  Sign up for our program today.

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Rich Gatlin, RPh is a compounding pharmacist with 9 years experience.  He is a member of PCCA, IACP, and a fellow in the American College of Apothecaries.  He has completed various compounding certifications, including sterile compounding from ACA.  If you are a pharmacist with a compounding question or a patient with a prescription for a compounded medication, simply ask your question below and you will receive a response within 24 hours (usually sooner).  Thanks.