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Finally, headache relief without medication! Today, drug therapy is the common treatment for mild to severe headache pain. But now, a new product called the RELIEVER offers a welcomed alternative for those who do not obtain satisfacory relief or prefer treatment without medication. The RELIEVER is effective for migraine and tension-type headaches because it combines proven treatments, it starts working immediately, and it is very easy to use. Made of space-age materials, the RELIEVER is a headband that offers an innovative combination of pressure with heat or cold to provide effective, inexpensive, pain relief without a prescription.
Until now, the medical and scientific communities have largely ignored the therapeutic benefits of combining pressure, heat and cold for headache relief. But test findings in recent issues of "The Archives of Family Medicine" and "Headache Quarterly" report that 87% of headache patients found this treatment optimally effective. Furthermore, the journals cite this approach eliminates the risk and concern inherent in the use of medicine because, "This treatment is administered by the patient and can be tailored to individual preferences for temperature and pressure."
Those who experience severe headache pain seek desperate measures for relief. Some patients have said they stand under a hot shower with a towel twisted like a tourniquet around the head. The RELIEVER is a headband designed to provide the same treatment without getting wet. By pulling a strap at the front of the RELIEVER three crystal blue gel packs are compressed against the sides and back of the head.
Reliever headband.
The headband is a unique multifunctional design that integrates constriction for pressure, insulation for longer therapy, a comfort mesh for maximum thermal benefits without direct skin contact, and an ergonomic front closure with a grab-tab for easy use.
Crystal blue gel packs.
At the heart of hot and cold therapy are three Crystal Blue Gel Packs. Specifically designed for the RELIEVER, the gel packs are tough, reusable, non-toxic and affordable. Each gel pack is used for either hot or cold and because they are stored in the freezer or heated quickly in the microwave, the relief starts working immediately. RELIEVER gel packs are formulated to remain flexible when frozen which means a comfortable fit with maximum cold therapy.
Conceived by a neurologist working in a pain clinic and developed by a spacecraft designer, the RELIEVER offers a new, affordable, and effective method for treating the severe pain of migraine and tension-type headaches.


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